What is it?

“I’d like to make a pact with you which has neither geographic boundaries nor time limits – that of being in union of prayer.”

Pier Giorgio Frassati

All of us know what Monday means: waking up early after a weekend of relax, coming back to everyday life, getting rapidly overwhelmed with thoughts, feeling the weight of schoolbooks in our bag, staring blankly at the pile of papers on the desk… but there’s somebody who simply adores it. Better, adores Him! Just think of Italian Catholic Action adolescents and youth; every Monday they are one in prayer by devoting to the Lord part of their day, feeling sure that everyone will do the same all over Italy, and – soon – all over the world! “I adore Monday” is an experience we would like to live regularly and to make known as much as possible. It is a way to remember that contemplation has a primacy in our lives – as Catholic Action saints and blessed remind us – and that every task, every activity, every life are at their fullest when we are vitally connected to Christ, our Source, who it is worth devoting the whole existence to. The One through whom sanctity is made possible for all of us!

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