Somebody stops a few moments in his bedroom, someone else prays Lauds, Vespers or Compline; there are people who attend Mass, others who prefer Rosary. You can say a well-known prayer, or decide to write your own. You can also take your time to meditate upon the daily Mass readings,  read the Bible or worship the Eucharist quietly in a church.

It could also be the occasion to pray regularly for our friends, family, the people we love, especially those in difficulty, the Church, Catholic Action, the place we live in, the suffering and the poor, the youth and all those people and situations the Holy Ghost or simply life will suggest us.

There are a lot of options, all to the same purpose: that of worshipping, thanking, talking to and pleading with God, who is Love!

You can also decide to pray with a friend, your Catholic Action group or anyone you wish.

We just ask you a single thing!!

Please, end your Monday prayers with this one, in order to be in communion and in spiritual proximity with all Catholic Action adolescents and youth in Italy and abroad (You can also print a pocked-sized copy of the prayer, download it!):

Jesus, I pray,

grant that with your grace I may never tire

of searching for you and of adoring you with all my heart.

Teach me how to get to know and love you better,

so that I may learn from You

how to relate with others and take care of them

and how to live my life to its fullest.

Grant that I may never become proud of myself,

never try to do things which are beyond me;

grant that I may look at the world through

Your compassionate and merciful eyes

and that all, especially the poor,

may find in my heart a refuge for their joys, hopes, sorrows and anxieties,

and that I may know how, through my being,

I can bring a taste of Heaven on earth.

O Mary, I entrust to you all of us,

adolescents and youth,

that you may accompany us,

each one of us in his particular vocation,

on a journey along which we are not afraid

to trust you and Jesus;

a journey which aims on high

and which has the odour of sanctity,

for the joy of the whole world.

Mary, Mother of the Church, pray for us.

Catholic Action Saints and Blessed pray for us.

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